A NEW COLOR by Mo Morris

From humble Harlem beginnings herself, the indefatigable Edy has for decades introduced underserved youth and seniors to the transformative power of art. Filmed in an observational style over three years, A New Color creates an opening to see the world through Edyís eyes and her artistic legacy commemorating the great events of her time. Those events keep coming, as we see when the death of Edyís nephew becomes a national symbol of racist policing. The persistence of racial inequality in this country evokes for activist artists like Edy powerful and deep questions: Have Edyís nearly eight decades of social justice work meant something? Has it been worth the sacrifice? Can building multicultural bridges through art bring about positive change? Who will carry on her civil rights legacy? Edyís reaction shows the depth of her clear-eyed, compassionate commitment to building a just and peaceful community. A New Color illuminates timely social issues and shows how the work of one resilient woman reverberates throughout a community to inspire a powerful chorus: ìOur lives matter and we will not be disempowered by those who judge us for our age, gender, or color of our skin. An intimate portrait of somebody extraordinary, Edytheís story shows not what it is to be Black or to lose a loved one, but what it is to be human.

Duration: 00:56:02

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